Month: March 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2014 Review

Definitely one of the best movies for 2014. The first movie was good alright. This one was even better. So much action and I got to appreciate how powerful Hydra can be as an organization. I never took Hydra quite seriously in the comics but in the movie? Woh! Totally a whole new level! There […]

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Designing Your eCommerce Site

The design of your online store could make it easier or harder to sell your goods. A good design will draw shoppers in and keep them there until they make a purchase. However, a bad design will turn shoppers away regardless of how well your products are priced or how good your customer service is.

Make Navigating Your Store Easy

Customers expect that they will be able to see what they want and buy it quickly. If your store has a disorganized feel to it, customers won’t know where to start looking or where they can find what they need. They may become frustrated and give up before they make a purchase. Make sure that everything is presented in a logical order and is well labeled.

Offer a Logical Selection of Goods

Offering something for sale just to offer it for sale doesn’t make a lot of sense. You need to offer products that fit your niche, are easy to sell or offer a higher profit margin than other products. This is even more important if you are going to ship the goods yourself. You don’t want to spend more on shipping costs than necessary or not be able to ship goods in a timely manner because you can’t find it in your garage or warehouse.

Partner With a Known Brand

Partnering with Yahoo or Amazon makes it easier to sell your goods because people know that they are getting a quality product from a quality retailer. As millions of people shop at those retailers on a daily basis, your customers will know that they can find exactly what they need quickly and at a fair price. In addition, they already know how long it will take to receive their product and how much it will cost to ship. By adding Yahoo! store features, you can keep costs down related to designing your own site.

It is critical that you design your site properly and with your customers in mind. Otherwise, they will decide to go elsewhere with their money. That results in less money and lower profits for your business.

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Why Philippine Government Agencies Are “Mostly” Crap

Well, I had to add “mostly” to the title because if I did not, then there will be people who clearly will get offended because they might consider it as generalization.

Irritating, right? Just like how those doctors were angry at the BIR for generalizing all doctors as tax cheats. Common sense, man! People know not all doctors are tax cheats. Those who were angry at the ad were just guilty because they were affected :P.

So anyway. Why are government agencies in the Philippines mostly crap? For one thing, service is crap. Which is why people have no choice but to offer bribes because these people do it on purpose in the first place.

Case in point. We already gave some sum of money to people from OBO just to get an occupancy permit as soon as possible but it had to take so long for them to give us one. What the hell was the point of giving them some cash in the first place?

Obvious answer, they wanted more. Frustrating, right?

Which is why, even though the current Philippine president is doing a good job managing the country, corruption will never be erased when people like these are around. Makes me wonder. Their alma matter schools should be proud of them.

The government is after big fishes anyway so these corrupt people still get to milk ordinary citizens out of their hard earned money by being lazy, prolonging applications and not doing their jobs.

Yes, I am ranting because it is frustrating that this country will never prosper the way people want it to because of people like them.

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