Made-Up Words: Good or Bad for Domain Names?

domainIf you are looking to get a domain name, one thing that you have to think about is whether or not you want to use any made-up words. On the outside, this may seem like an obvious choice. Of course you would decide to use real words that people know. How else would they look for your site? Isn’t traffic the most important thing for just about any website in the world? However, as you dig into it, you will find that everything is not quite as clear-cut as you may have assumed. There are a few things to consider.

The main reason that people use made-up words is because that word is the name of their company. For example, “Facebook” was not a word until Mark Zuckerberg decided that it was going to be, and he plastered it on the front of his website. Now, after years, the site is so popular that even people who have not signed up for it know what it is if you say the name in casual conversation. However, though both “face” and “book” are words on their own, he settled on something else and was still able to get the traffic that he wanted.

The upside of using a word that you made up yourself is that no one else is going to encroach on it. You are not going to have to fight with dozens of other sites that all have similar names. This can actually make it very easy to do SEO once people start searching for that word because you will have cornered the market on it. All of the searches are going to go straight to your site. If you pick something more generic, it is a slower building process because your results can get washed out by the results from people who have already been doing this for years.

One of the downsides to picking a made-up word, though, is that people will not have heard of it at all unless you begin to build the brand. Facebook was not getting any hits right out of the gate. No one was searching for the name of the site, so SEO work all had to center around related terms. Once they started advertising the site and it began to grow, this did not matter. If you are just launching your site, though, this initial traffic is certainly something to consider.

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