Month: January 2014

Please Stay Cold Weather!

The year of the horse certainly has surprised many people in the Philippines. And I meant the cold weather that the whole nation is currently experiencing. While this is normal between December and January when the cold breeze from Siberia visits the country, it caught many offguard that until now, the cold weather still persisted. […]

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After Vhong Navarro’s Interview, What Do You Think?

Vhong Navarro’s getting beaten up issue is now trending all over cyberspace. People wondered who could be the guilty party.

After he recently got interviewed, what do you guys think? As for me, I will leave it all to the truth. If the truth will prevail, that is.

There are so many people quick to judge against those who beat Vhong. I am pretty sure they are his fans. They should wait till the girl’s side will be revealed.

The fact remains one of them will lie (“will”, since as of now the nation still has not gotten the girl’s side of the story), that’s for sure.

Since Vhong got interviewed, here are a few of my thoughts:

  1. He said his blindfold was removed, was gagged and told to say things (how could he say something if he was still gagged)
  2. I hated listening to some parts of the interview, putting in melodramatic background music. ABS-CBN is so desperate trying to garner sympathy for Vhong when the nation only got his side of the story. People will sympathize anyway if he is indeed innocent.
  3. If they all went to the station to have the incident blottered, I find it weird the police would just let them be afterwards seeing Vhong got whacked pretty bad. I am not sure if that is normal? I did not get this one so if anyone has some ideas, do share.
  4. The girl needs to be found so her side of the story will be known.
  5. Vhong was threatened, yet by doing the interview he seemed to challenge the perpetrators to bring it on. Pretty dangerous if you ask me. I hope his family will be safe.

Well, anyway. This is none of our business and all we can do is ponder about the truth. The truth shall prevail. We’ll see …

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Sian TrenBerth: Best Wedding Photographer

Men may not be particular that much but women are always the ones who would want the one and only time to be the center of attention to be grand, unforgettable and the best time of their life. The wedding.

As such, sometimes I do not blame if a wedding photographer‘s fee may look like pricey. If he or she is really that good, then it all the more cements the pricing rate as pretty much fair and justifiable.

However, you might be surprised just how affordable Sian TrenBert’s photography services are. Sian Trenberth is one of the most respected people photographers in Wales, personally tutored by Magnum photographer David Hurn in Documentary Photography at Newport College of Art.

After forming her company in 1992, Sian has enjoyed a wide variety of people photography commissions. Sian was one of the first of the new wave of wedding photographers, shooting weddings in a more relaxed, unposed style and has since photographed over 500 weddings.

Sian’s past credits include: English National Ballet, Channel Four, Hello! Magazine and TV Times. In 1993, shortly after forming Sian Trenberth Photography Ltd, Sian’s black-and-white portrait collection of 50 Welsh Greats, was published by Alan Sutton.

If those accomplishments are not enough to catapult her as a well known wedding photographer, I do not know what will.

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