1 Month Christmas Vacation

Now here is something that not all of us get the chance to experience. A month one vacation! My first time actually and it is because the company I am currently working with decided not to convert our vacation leaves into cash.

So what does that leave us then? Of course. Use it!

So here I am, starting day one of my month long vacation. I suppose many of you would savor this opportunity. But not me.

We currently have our house built so I cannot go home to my hometown and spend 1 month there just idling, eating and idling and eating again ;).

I would have to monitor the progress of the house’s construction since I have no work till next year. And to think this is Christmas. I should be enjoying every second of my vacation but alas, it cannot be so.

I probably will just spend a week at most in my hometown because there may be some requirements that need me to be present in my house’s site. The sad thing is that this will probably be my last new year with my family.

If I were to choose between a 1 month vacation and work, I would choose work (if our leaves get converted). Apart from the extra cash that I could surely use, I prefer using the computer in the office because desktops are always better when doing work compared to using laptops.

Well, from a programmer’s point of view. Plus, the small screen is not very comfortable to the eyes which actually helped develop my astigmatism.

If the company changes their mind about the leaves and asks us to come in I would definitely say yes. Wishful thinking I guess ;).

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