LoudLaunch Is Dead

This is more of a late news than a breaking one. It seemed that LoudLaunch had officially ended its lifespan around 4-5 months ago.


I have not noticed it because I do not get many opportunities from them. A few yes, but not that many. Still, the little amount of dollars that they paid to me did help me financially. And it is sad that another paid blogging site is now gone.

It cannot be helped though as Google has been stepping up efforts to penalize those sites that Google’s algorithm thinks is doing black hat link building.

So even for a few dollars, it was good while it lasted. Heck, even a dollar counts as much right? I mean, nobody would give you a dollar easily without getting something in return.

I depend on paid blogging to help cover the costs of my blogs and use the little extra on important things. Now that slowly more and more paid blogging sites are disappearing, I may have to put up banners in my blogs asking visitors for donations to help shoulder the server costs of my blogs.

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