Month: October 2013

Aftershocks Make Me Seasick

Oh man, after more than a week I thought the aftershocks have permanently gone away since yesterday I did not feel even one. However, today, I felt them twice and that is not including the ones that happened during the wee hours while I was heavily dozing off into the night. Aftershocks are very annoying. […]

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It’s Like An Earthquake! Oh No! It Actually Is!

earthquakeOctober 20, 2013. I will never forget that day. While still fast asleep early morning, my wife and I were awaken with the sound and feel of rumbling. Like some giant was drilling on the ground using a … giant drill ;).

Even when we awoke, while going outside the house and down the stairs, I still could not think straight and understand what the heck was going on. Sigh … that was one hell of an experience. An earthquake with a 7.2 magnitude just hit the Visayas island of the Philippines where the epicenter was pinpointed in Bohol.

Cebu, a neighboring island somehow got more or less the same brunt of the impact that the earthquake gave out. Structures fell, walls cracked and heritage sites damaged. Even until now, I feel like the earth is moving all the time.

When I lie down in bed or when I sit in the office during work, I get stressed out all the more whenever those aftershocks come into play.

Oh man, this was my first earthquake experience and in a way, I am thankful that it was a Muslim holiday that time. The casualties and damages could have been worse if people were out because of school and work. Heck, who knows what might have happened to me if I was in the building at work?!

Even until now, I still could not shake off the feeling of that earthquake. Yes, in time it can heal my mind off from that harrowing experience but as of now, I will just have to bear with the memories that still plague me and give me jitters whenever aftershocks occur.

And they say these aftershocks will last a month. Yikes!

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The RumbleTalk Chatroom Client

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of RumbleTalk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Putting up a chat client in your very own website is easy nowadays thanks to chat code generating services likeĀ RumbleTalk chatroom.

You can either embed theri chat client outright in your web page or if you want the unobtrusive option, a floating icon isolated in a web page’s corner and can be brought up when clicked.

You do not need any tech background to have a chat client of your own. Simply input your email address, set a password for your account and the HTML code for the chat client will be generated for you. Add that same HTML code to your web page and that’s it!

Your website will have its very own chatroom client where your users can interact, engage and talk with one another sharing ideas on various topics.

RumbleTalk is all about providing a better group chat platform for publishers. A platform that will allow website owners to communicated fluently with their community on their grounds like a web page, Facebook page or mobile easily.

A big advantage for this chat room client is its flexibility to work on all platforms including tablets and smart phones. You can even customize it with themse and color schemes to make it blend within your website making it look like the chatroom client is your very own.

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