The Wally Bayola & EB Babe Yosh Rivera Sex Scandal

Well, it is over the news and social media sites. Not another sex scandal. Just recently it was Chito Miranda and his girlfriend Neri Naig. Now, it is Eat Bulaga’s comedian show host Wally Bayola and EB Babe’s Yosh Rivera.

Sad … I am not sure what will happen after this with regards to their careers. Maybe Wally will go on but I definitely believet that Yosh may resign from being one of the members EB Babe. But who knows, maybe both of them will resign and take a leave of absence so people will forget their video.

I read some commenters say Yosh is at fault considering Wally is married. What?! They both are at fault. It is never the 3rd party’s fault when someone else cheats. It is both of them.

Still, whenever a sex scandal such as this one gets exposed in the Internet, the lesson is always never to record your intimate trysts even if you are both married. The more so for these two considering they are well known in the entertainment industry.

I guess the best solution is just to keep quiet, stay out of the spotlight and move on. I know it will be hard but it is the only thing they can do now. They did this to themselves in the first place.

Wally’s family will surely be devastated, even more so with their kids. Tsk tsk tsk.

So next time folks, avoid recording your trysts and keep them as memories inside your head.

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