Month: August 2013

Beware The Batman (TV – 2013) Review

Yey! Finally a new exciting action packed cartoon TV series. And it is in 3D! It was sad that the Green Lantern 3D animated series came to an end. It was somehow good but not really as good as how DC animated movie plots are. In Beware The Batman, the action looks better. Well, I […]

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Tree Gear. Tree People.

While looking for some tree gears, I found Sherill Tree to be complete when it comes to arborist supplies, arbor equipment, arboriculture gear and arborist gear.

They could be one, if not the largest arborist equipment suppliers that I have seen online. The SherrillTree arborist supply is a business that is all about connecting tree enthusiasts, tree care workers and tree climbing advocates like botanists and educators, with top quality arbor gears at great prices.

And when I say great prices, compare them with those what you can find in retail stores. The price gap is noteiceable, right?

The team at Sherrill Tree is dedicated to providing the innovative tools, tree service supplies and tree surgeon equipment that the tree care industry needs.

The portal provides a conduit in providing the best tools and knowledge to move the tree care trade forward. Dedication to product development, onsite tree care product testing, rope splicing expertise for spliced goods such as lanyards, fliplines and prusiks are what remain as the key to Sherrill Tree‘s reputation for quality in the tree care industry.

I recommend you check out their site. From small accessories to large sized tools, you can definitely find all the things you need here when it comes to tree care handling things.

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Sun Cellular Is Really Getting On My Nerves Now

Oh man, Sun Celullar is really getting on my nerves. Since the 3rd week of July 2013 until now, nobody from their freaking tech support has called me until now.

What the? Are they just plain lousy or are they doing it on purpose thinking that if I stop calling it means everything is okay?! WTF!

And when I called up their broadband hotline, their menu has changed!!!! It now requires me to input my broadband number which is found in my billing statement. Which I already threw in the trash!

The only way then is to call customer support. Which takes 7-10 minutes to wait on minimum average! WTF!

They need to call me ASAP because I am wasting money paying them for a worthless broadband service that barely can even go beyond 10K/B consistently when I use it. I always die in my game!

Hell, even the tech support in their Cebu office told me to just use it during the wee hours. Seriously?!?

Until now I still have not received any call from their tech support and I have grown tired from wasting week after week after week and getting told that they have escalated the issue … again.

Like … how many times do they have to escalate it just so they will call me? I do not have the luxury to wait until my contract expires in 1.5 years nor do I want to waste money paying the charges every month because they have no plans in calling me.

These people are just like government workers passing the task to each other back and forth until the person in need of help gets tired from all the hoopla and gives up from pursuing the problem.

Geez! Can you blame me if I am pissed?!

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