And Suddenly … It’s Cold Again July 2013

Well, frack the stars. I already posted an article about this but for some reason it did not successfully post. If you blog, then I am sure you know how irritating it is to rewrite the whole article again.

Yes, WordPress does save the article from time to time but this post never got saved. Even a word. How pathetic of a day has this gone?

I never post bad words but this is the first time and I just had to do it. Sure. it is easy to write something when it is about a specific topic. But writing about something that is happening or just happened in your life is another.

It is hard to back track everything and it is impossible to re-write using the exact same words over.

So anyway, I a few days back I talked about how hot it is these days when in fact it is rainy season in the country. A few days later, a storm entered the country’s waters and cold weather seeped in.

I am all for cold weather. If it is cold I can just wear a jacket when I am out or keep myself warm with a blanket when I am in bed. Easy, right? But if it is hot? There is no such thing as a mobile aircondition where you can just bring that along anywhere you go and use it if it is hot.

Considering how hot it is these days because of global warming, I wil always welcome cold weather anytime. Liking cold weather does not mean I like storms. It can bring bloods which can be devastating but just cold weather alone, if that is possible for the rest of the year, people will definitely want that.

Here is to hoping that this will persist. I do not like the sun now. It is very hot. And it can be bad for the skin too. So cheers to cold weather!

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