Month: July 2013

Free eBooks Everyday!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of BookBub for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Now look at that. One does not get to see a portal where you can get ebooks of any kind … for FREE! You read it right. FREE! BookBub is for book lovers that want to […]

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Kraft Products All In One Place

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.

Kraft has been around for so many generations. Back when I was still a child, Kraft’s cheese was already there. I guess when one hears the word Kraft, they think of cheese right away. That is how famous it is.

As years passed, Kraft has introduced many new products and some from years before are still in the market today. These include the CAPRI SUN Big Pouch, KOOL-AID LIQUID, A.1. Dry Rub, LUNCHABLES UPLOADED Lunch Combinations and PLANTERS nuts.

Ah yes, Planters. So addicting! So Tasty! I like the classic flavor where the container is colored blue. Considering I tend to be conscious with the food I eat, I prefer food that is not overly flavored.

You can find KRAFT products at Dollar General. Since I tend to buy stuff online because it is more convenient and hassle free, at least I know all these Kraft products are in one place.

There is more!

There are also coupons on hand for you to be able to save on total costs. All you need to do is visit the site, download the coupons, use them when you purchase any of Kraft’s products and start saving! That is it!

They also have an assortment of recipes that you can make by using Kraft products. Check out the recipes here.

If you ask me, my favorite is the MIRACLE WHIP Wow! Burger. Grilled in ground beef patties and a tasty companion with Miracle whip dressing. Now that is one heavenly burger!

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Why Some Of Cebu’s Barangay Tanods Are Useless

I refrained from using the word “all” because generalizing something is never accurate. There will always be some exceptions. In the case of barangay tanods, if some of you may get to read this then read on and see if you are one of the useless tanods in Cebu or not.

Even the simples rules cannot be followed. What is the curfew rule for noise pollution like discoral? 3AM on a weekend, right? Rather than waste my precious life staring at the ceiling because I could not sleep because of the discoral, I decided to stay up and write this post.

Yes, you read it right. Discoral. Ain’t 3AM the latest time that some shit discoral can operate? 12AM on a weekday? Past 3AM I woke up because some discoral in Apas is still playing right now.

While it may not be so loud from where I am since the discoral is not right beside our place, imagine how annoying it is for those living very near it. I hate the bass sounds and their boomboxes that sound like relics.

So pray tell what the hell those barangay tanods are doing? Jamming with the beat instead of monitoring the time and telling those discoral staff to pack up and leave?

Yes, tanods. If discorals in your area of jurisdiction do not abide the rules, then you are useless. I have no idea why you won in the recent election. Such a simple rule that you fail to enforce …

Such a pity.

As for me, good luck if I will be able to sleep back at this time. This discoral will stop around 7AM. As is such the norm.

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