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A recent clinical trial out of an Italian University has revealed that electronic cigarettes may be a better option for smokers trying to quit than nicotine patches. The study showed that 70 percent of smokers who quit using cigarettes with the assistance of e-cigarettes stopped using electronic cigarettes as well within one year.

This helps debunk the myth that smokers who use e-cigarettes are just replacing one addiction for another. This is a promising result for smokers who have had trouble quitting using more traditional methods. Doctors are not quite sure why this newer method is producing better results, but further studies will provide more information that will help smokers battle their addictions with even more effectiveness.

Electronic cigarettes are seeing an uptick in popularity throughout the United States. In Minnesota, a looming new cigarette tax has shop owners scrambling to increase their supply. If people can’t find what they want in their local store, they can shop online for smokeless cigarettes at

The new tax has made it clear that smoker’s motivation for quitting is not just health motivated. Ever increasing prices on packs and cartons make it less and less affordable to support a regular smoking habit. This is an overall positive development for the health of the nation.

Market analysts are predicting that smokeless cigarette sales may grow to be larger than regular cigarette sales over the next decade. Even though these devices have only been on the market since the mid-2000s, they have seen exponential growth in popularity.

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