OMG! It’s June 2013!

It feels like February at most. Man … time flies by so fast. Is Earth in a hurry to rotate? Or maybe the lifestyle here in Cebu is so different compared to what it used to be before.

Maybe not the same as Manila, but it is almost getting there. Even at my young age, I feel like the months are getting smaller and smaller, like next month is December. Guess that is how it is in a fast paced city.

If only we can slow gravity a bit. At least the Earth’s rotation will slow down, so will time, so will aging. Sounds sci-fi huh?

June is also a special month since it is my wife’s birthday. It is tomorrow actually and wait till she discovers what I have in store for her he he he. She will definitely be surprised.

So yeah, it is June. And December is not far off. And then it will be 2014 and the cycle will continue on and on.

The thing we can do though, is cherish each day because every second counts. Every second is valuable. That is just life is.

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