Wreck It Ralph (2013) Review


This was one heck of a movie I tell you! I enjoyed it from start to finish. Well, maybe for some who cannot relate what the game is all about, Ralph will inform viewers about the game itself and how the story will unfold.

After that, it is all adventure, action, humor, fun and emotions. I love it! It was enjoyable seeing notable bad guys in various arcade games like Zangief and Bison of Street Fighter, King Koopa of Mario Brothers, Dr. Eggman of Sonic the Hedgehog, Pacman enemies and many more!

But really, the most exciting part if when Ralph went turbo-like and went to another arcade area where the scene was like from Starship Troopers of Starcraft. That was fun. And the concept of the first person shooter of a moving robot with a screen was genius!

I wish they would make more movies like this.

Sugar Rush being incorporated in the movie was more for kids but having a cy-bug in that world when it hitched with him compensated the otherwise too kiddie concept.

The concept of Shrek’s movies was pretty good. However, Wreck It Ralph tops it even more!

I will leave the plot up to you to watch. If you have not watched this, make sure you do so! If you want to watch it in theaters, then go ahead. Your money won’t go to waste I assure you.

Oh yeah, spoiler alert! I was surprised that Turbo was there in Sugar Rush, disguised as King Candy actually. And I thought the character died a long time ago when he went Turbo and the game that he transferred to got axed so it was quite a big surprise that he was the one making trouble silently behind the scenes in Sugar Rush.

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