Searing Heatwave

Wow! Really now! The weather keeps getting worse every single day. Even if there is no sun, the environment feels like one humid place.

One more month to go and the rainy season will come. I think this is the first time in my life where almost every night during the wee hours I had to turn on the air condition because it is so hot these days. I even sweat in bed.

Our air condition has a pretty low horse power so the room does not get cold right away. In fact, during daytime there barely is any cold because of the searing heat of the sun. Sometimes, I had to turn on the electric fan as well just to have it try and improve the temperature.

Although I am lucky because my job does not force me to go out and do field work every day, the problem comes when I get home at night.

Day and night, oh boy … Some other cities have even reported to have the hottest recorded temperature in years compared to the city where I am currently in.

Slowly and surely global warming is creeping in. I know for a fact that certain countries that fall in range in the depleted ozone layer depends on sunblock heavily to counter the sun’s bad side effects like probably skin cancer.

Imagine if all countries will be experience that. Companies that produce sun block will definitely benefit from it 😉 and people might be hoarding sun block lotions in the event that there may be a shortage just like what those certain places affected by the ozone depletion are already experiencing.

2 weeks. 3 weeks at most hopefully. The searing heatwave will subside and the rainy season will come.

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