Month: April 2013

The Pain Of Growing Up

At my age, I have come to realize that as I grow older, the pain of seeing one’s loved ones go hurts like a dagger striking through me. I figure a young kid is very lucky. All that kid can think of is have fun, enjoy life and study hard. Once you graduate you think […]

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Iron Man 3 Review (2013)

ironman3Well, I have to say I looked forward to watching this but ended up disappointed. I mean, the Mandarin … an actor!!! Freaking seriously?

I am sure mostly everybody was disappointed that the Mandarin was not of Asian origin. Now it turned out he was only an actor in the movie to hide the real Mandarin character which turned out to be some regenerating molten powered being.

I looked forward to how Iron Man would defeat Mandarin with all his rings combined but no … viewers were screwed to believing they would be watching a huge fight between them.

And where the hell was war machine?!? He barely did anything to excite viewers. Its new look armor already looked stupid and viewers could not even see him in total action?

The movie also had so many unimportant scenes during the first part of the movie. To think this was the 3rd movie overall they had to put in some non essential scenes. People want Iron Man scenes and fights! Much like how people killed the Transformers movie by taking up most of the scenes.

Whiplash was already a lame character in the second movie, one would expect the people behind this movie franchise would fix and give a better villain character in the Mandarin.

The ending part did feature tons of fight scenes but overall it would have been better if they also showed them during the early parts of the movie. Instead, viewers were treated to anxiety problems by Tony Stark.

Oh well, as I said I looked forward to watching this. I ended up disappointed.

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BuzzEgo Personalizes Your Web Feed

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of buzzego for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I wanted to check out BuzzEgo because it I wanted to find an easy way to personalize all web feeds. Considering that data is growing every day, having too much cluttered data can tend to be a hassle as often times I get lazy having to look for something.

BuzzEgo's promise of a personalized web feed experience is indeed true. You do not have to worry about the intricacies of having to filter each and every news feed to organize them and presenting them in front of you articles that are most relevant to you.

Their system even uses blogs and social networks as an evaluation filter. It then tags the content using complex linguistic driven algorithms as well as an enormous and an ever growing thematic ontology so it has content that matches every possible topic, interest and hobby.

But all these are hidden from you. All you need to do is just sift through what is presented to you. Their system will handle the filtering of web feeds for you.

The layout and color theme of the portal is professional and I like the fact that they did not overdo the color theme and instead gave out a simplistic approach to help users look for articles and read them comfortably.

Here is a snapshot of what I am currently reading and how the user interface looks like.

They also have this thing called pandas where each category that you select indicates your interest on certain topics and their system will show the relevant posts based on that panda's category.

I recommend you try out buzzego and see how well it personalizes web feeds and organizes them in such a way that makes it easy for users to browse through their most interested and relevant topics.

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