The Life Cycle Of A Software Developer

I have been working for too long to come to an analysis in how a software developer’s life cycle goes about. Of course, this is not a generalization for all software developers so let me know if you can relate to this.

  • A company doles out projects to create products that owners hope will profit the business.
  • They hire software developers to make the system.
  • They market the product.
  • No sales. So what happens?
  • They start laying off the developers and other staffs.

A software developer’s life cycle is pretty short unless the company provides a very interesting, very good and long lasting product that can keep the cash flow consistently running.

Often times, the company’s fault is for putting too much trust on managers and higher ups when in fact, on many occasions they are at fault for not producing sales. It is always the lower tier people who get sacked. A sad fact no matter which industry the company operates in.

When this happens, the software developer tries to look for another job. And the cycle continues …

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