Boo! McDonald’s Cebu IT Park Branch!


When my wife and I got there, I decided to get the cheeseburger + sundae. So the sundae was given to us right away while the cheeseburger was being prepared. In a short while, some staff came over to us and told us that the receipt was not accepted because it was past beyond its cutoff date of March 10.

I told them what they want me to do? I did not have any money with me that time. Not even a cent. But it seemed like the cashier wanted me to pay or else she might have to pay for her blunder.

I told her I will try to go back the next day because I sure as hell won’t go to the bank’s ATM just to withdraw and go back to McDonald’s and pay for her mistake.

I was pissed. As big as a fastfood chain that McDonald’s is … Boo! What an embarrassing company! Fastfood companies always have a contingency budget for cases like mine so customers won’t be forced to pay for McDonald’s crews’ blunders.

I mean … wow! Instead of claiming my freebie because I did not have any money with me, I ended up in an uncomfortable position where they were letting me feel that I had to pay. None of the managers even said “never mind the sundae sir”. What does that imply? Hmmm??

Pathetic! Too bad McDonald’s international contact sucks too. They never reply. So this company as a whole sucks!

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