Month: March 2013

The Life Cycle Of A Software Developer

I have been working for too long to come to an analysis in how a software developer’s life cycle goes about. Of course, this is not a generalization for all software developers so let me know if you can relate to this. A company doles out projects to create products that owners hope will profit […]

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Low Morale Is A Hard Feeling To Swallow

sadLow morale is definitely a hard feeling to swallow. It can greatly affect the mind and ultimately a person’s performance in doing his/her job.

Yes, it is easy to tell other people to just focus and not let that sinking feeling affect your performance but there are just some cases where the feeling is too hard to swallow.

What if the company you work for tells you there is a chance a few of you in the department will be laid off? Sucks, right? Considering how hard it is to find a good paying job that satisfies your definition of a good paying job, it can give you a ton of stress.

It gets only worse if how it was told to you was inappropriately handled. If the higher ups say the real deal is that there really is no confirmation yet if such thing could happen. How would that make you feel? Worse, right?

In the first place, why would they open that up to everybody? Every single day one goes through it not knowing the outcome.

If you were going to be in that position, how would it make you feel? Low morale? Or just no care at all?

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How Norton Internet Security Can Help You Plan Your Next Vacation Safely

norton_internet_securityVacation planning and your antivirus software (Norton Internet Security) on your computer are not normally two things that you think would go hand in hand. But in reality, your antivirus and internet security systems have more to do with vacation planning then you think.

After all, you enter your personal information, your destination information and your credit card information into the internet whenever you book a flight, a hotel reservation or even a rental car.

You even enter all that information when you buy tickets to shows and theme parks in advance. You probably never realized or stopped to think that vacation planning could put you and your identity at risk.

If you have a comprehensive internet security software like Norton Internet Security you won’t have to worry. The new Norton Internet Security will help identify spoof web sites, viruses and spyware and get rid of them before they latch onto your vacation plans and personal information. But just in case, ask yourself:

  • Do my searches give away the dates I’ll be gone? Like “Things to do in California for Christmas”.
  • Keep your reservation information in a safe place online and on your person.
  • Once you find what you want online call the 1-800 number to book your tickets.

So, by having common sense and being able to use the web in a safe and smart way, you can protect yourself from hackers, and book your holiday from home. Norton Internet Security is the way to go.

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