The Meteorite That Hit Russia In 2013

When I learned about this news, all I said was woh! Just like in the movies. Although this time, it was real. Man, everybody was caught by surprise.

While I am sure people are well aware that there may be a chance that Earth will be hit by either a meteor or an asteroid in the near future, nobody expected to happen now.

Many were injured. I did not follow if there were any who died. I hope none as that would be even more terrible.

Just last year people were somewhat waiting for the end of the world to happen and it did not. Now, some people think this may had been a sign for what is yet to come. When this happened, there was actually an asteroid that passed by earth so close.

Luckily for the world, the meteorite was small. If it was bigger, imagine the devastation it could have caused more.

Imagine the chaos that may ensue.

Countries may well include this in solving how to protect the world from such cases in the future. For now, the world will help Russia rebuild itself and get back on its feet.

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