Skyfall (2012)

skyfallEver since Daniel Crag graced himself as the latest James Bond, the stories have taken different turns. While his previous movies as James Bond 007 were okay, I did not like this one.

There were times the movie dragged. There were times the movie showed some good action scenes. But I was totally disappointed with how he defeated his nemesis. After he threw the knife that killed his enemy, I said to myself “that’s it?!”.

I wonder what the next Bond movie will be because in this movie, his boss M died. Who could the new boss of MI6 be next time around.

Oh yeah, I also wondered what Skyfall was all about before I watched it. Is it a place? LOL, just the name of the place where James Bond used to live back when he was still a kid.

We all have to get used to how James Bond movies will be these days. Even hot chicks get killed. That was unexpected. I thought that chick was his leading lady. Turned out to be a leading target practice for Bond’s enemies.

Good thing I did not watch this in the theater because I would have been really disappointed shelling out money to watch Skyfall and finding out after that I did not like it at all.

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