The USJR Sex Scandal 2013

The nerve of some people not even thinking the slightest bit what their actions can do to others. So I had heard about a new school sex scandal involving a female student from the University of San Jose Recoletos.

I thought the guy is from the same school but I read that he is studying in the University of the Visayas. Aside from the humiliation that these poor kids are experiencing now, it also hurts that the girl was supposed to graduate this year.

While some people will still attempt to take sex videos of themselves through their mobile phones, this should be a lesson to everyone that to be perfectly safe from having something like this happen to you, never ever take videos having sex.

There are stupid people out there who really do not give a damn what their actions will do: destroying other people’s lives.

The video was uploaded after the phone was apparently stolen. Not sure if this is the real cause. My friend told me they had the phone fixed since it was busted and that was then when the video was found out, it was uploaded right away.

Whatever the cause, these people now are experiencing the worst time of their lives. This is where the cybercrime law should come into play.

Even if the scumbag who uploaded the video will be caught, those students’ lives will never be the same.

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