Chinese Zodiac (2013)

This was a good movie. Not story wise but stunt wise. I am sure 99% why people will watch this movie is because of Jackie Chan’s stunts. They are great and they are hilarious!

While there were a few disappointing moments in the movie, the good ones outweighed the bad ones. I am sure you noticed the scene where they rode on the huge log and drove off the cliff to escape. Oh man, that was pure fake background.

I also did not understand in the end where Jackie’s wife character suddenly showed up and hugged him. With all the sometimes hard to understand English dialog dubbed it was like “huh” for me when she suddenly showed up.

Also, the movie experience was not a pleasant one for me as a whole. It is always annoying to hear people laugh so hard as if they are the only ones in the theater. The sad thing about hearing those laughs is that they sound so corny too.

Movie wise, this was a very good one full of stunts by the king of all stunts himself, Jackie Chan. The girl on girl fight was pretty good too. They were swift and natural.

I normally do not watch movies because they are expensive except for a few ones. I made this an exception because knowing that this was Jackie’s last major movie, I knew it had to be good.

He did not disappoint.

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2 thoughts on “Chinese Zodiac (2013)
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