The Tall Man (2012)

thetallmanThis movie was frustrating. After reading the summary, I thought Jessica Biel’s character lost her child from the tall man. In fact, it was not her child and she was the accomplice in those children disappearances.

This article is a spoiler so to speak since I am voicing out what I think about this movie so better click some other links if you do not want to read spoilers here.

The spoiler ain’t much though except that I was pissed that I watched the whole movie and it turned out the children were taken to be given a new and better life because the community where Biel’s character lives in is poor I think and that in a way the tall man is doing the children a favor by giving them a better life with new rich parents.

I thought children were being kidnapped for who knows what reason until I found out the whole scoop at the end of the movie as the girl kept on narrating her experience.

Man … I was like … that’s it?!

It was a good thing I really did not focus my eyes to watching the whole movie from start to finish since I was playing a game on my smartphone or else I would really have been more pissed.

If you watched this in a movie theater, the producers just screwed your wallet. Good thing I watched this via download. Only my time was wasted.

As much as Jessica Biel is a good actress, this movie was not that good overall.

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