Bunheads (TV)

bunheadsWell, I do not like this tv series at all but I got to write about this because I watched a few episodes because it is my wife who loves it because of the ballet.

No, this is not a reality series. The series stars Tony award-winner Sutton Foster as a Las Vegas showgirl who moves to a small town with her new husband and becomes a teacher at her mother-in-law’s dance school.

For me, this could be a good tv-show except that the main characters voice is annoying, even more annoying than Emily Deschanel’s voice of Bones tv series. And the way the main character interacts with others in such a way that the way she talks is not natural annoys me a lot.

It is like even when the actual show is filmed, she acts like she’s practicing her lines because every time another character finishes talking to her, she always talks so fast and replies back in a split second. Which … does not make it a natural flow of conversation.

In short, it looks scripted. Oh yeah, she has that manly voice too and a tone that makes her talk like a robot.

If all you care is watching ballet scenes, then this series may not be so bad after all.

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