A Year To Look Foward To

Life … so mysterious. So frustrating. Yet so beautiful. Life is a messed up reality. There are good and there are bad.

Last year was full of bad. I hope this year will be different. My wife and I are looking forward to so many things starting this month and I do hope things will fall into place.

I also hope that my blog opportunities will continue to grow. Last year my expectations were less but this year is different. I hope to double them so to speak.

My holiday vacation was long last year and I think it was more than a decade ago since I had a long vacation last the one I recently had. It was good while it lasted. While I waked up early morning because of this Arcane Legends addiction, I liked the fact that there was not much noise unlike the place where I live with my wife here in Cebu.

It also helped that we had no dog anymore because it died sad to say. My sister is happy though that she got a new labrador puppy. However, Oreo our black mixed labrador dog was a favorite and I hope he finds some peace up above.

Another hope will be next month we can start having our new house built. It should have been last year but another bad luck befell on my family so we had to postpone it. Thankfully my dad got back on track with his finances and my aunt agreed to let me borrow money for the house financing.

This year will surely be a year I look forward to many things.

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