Month: January 2013

The Tall Man (2012)

This movie was frustrating. After reading the summary, I thought Jessica Biel’s character lost her child from the tall man. In fact, it was not her child and she was the accomplice in those children disappearances. This article is a spoiler so to speak since I am voicing out what I think about this movie […]

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Sleeping Early At Night Is New To Me These Days

True, I have been complaining since last month that our unbred neighbors suddenly returned to the room just beside ours and have given me so many sleepless nights with their loud voices.

All of a sudden it seemed this month they transferred back to the other room far from ours. Which is a good thing of course. Plus the cold weather certainly has helped making the neighborhood quiet until late morning because it is always so comfortable to sleep when the weather is cold.

Not that I am complaining about it. I just find it weird that early at night I already get very sleepy. This is the life I want when we will get to transfer to our new home. Serene and quiet, that is just the neighborhood I long to be in.

I do hope that this will go on in the coming months. I do not mind being sleepy early. I appreciate that I get some good sleep as it helps my health and conditioning.

The fact that I do not wake up in the wee hours of the morning just to pee is indicative of how good I am sleeping these days. Thank you God for this. It is what I have been wanting for quite a long long time …

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The Coldest Weather Experienced In My Country

coldThis is weird but I am not complaining. This has got to be the coldest weather temperature I have experienced in my life. I think in some other city the temperature was 18 degrees so that may be the same temperature that we currently have.

The strong winds though make me worry as it is certainly not a very comfortable travel for those sailing through the seas. Even big boats give passengers the puke treatment.

The big advantage with cold weather though is that it can save electricity since people do not have to turn on their air condition units. Heck, there were times when we did not even turn on the fan.

The problem with cold weather is it makes me lazy. Then again, I am not complaining. I surely would not mind having this weather every single day. This should give everybody a reprieve during the summer.

People can just wear jackets and such to counter the coldness, right? Whereas you cannot create cold wind unless you bring a mobile air condition if there ever is one 😉 he he he.

This is by far the coldest weather I have experienced in my life and I do hope this will continue on and on.

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