Long Vacation For 2012

stock_briefcaseThis was something I never expected to happen: getting a very long vacation for the holidays. And I cannot wait to leave for my hometown tonight.

It had been a very annoying and disappointing month. To think this should have been the month to be jolly. Instead, it gave me sadness and annoyances.

For one thing, the IVF procedure that my wife went through did not work. While we spent so much on that, we moved on knowing that we had no regrets going through that rather than going through the what ifs and getting bothered by it for the rest of our lives.

Second, ever since I got back from my dad’s birthday, these neighbors beside our house with voices as annoying as a corny comedian and loud as a bullhorn have been tormenting me until now preventing me from getting any good sleep.

Sure, they have a baby, but that really is not the reason. The baby’s crying is alright, I can bear with that. What I cannot bear are the voices of those two parents that if only I have the power to teleport them, I will definitely teleport them to Basilan island.

While my long vacation is already short because I stayed a few days in Cebu, it has been the longest Christmas vacation for me in more than a decade.

And I am going to savor every day of peace and quiet that I can get.

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