The Smart Wall Paint

The following is a sponsored review.

I was kind of wondering myself how a wall can be turned into a whiteboard and still be clean after using. I mean, wouldn’t that look topsy turvy after erasing the stuffs on the wall?

Depends on who does these kind of things. Smart Wall Paint is a unique coating that transforms any surface into a whiteboard by transforming entire walls and rooms into creative spaces that encourage teamwork, ideas and innovation.

This kind of environment can make the place look creative and interactive, create a space that promotes brainstorming and creative expression and whiteboards ideas with no space limitations.

Write everywhere, anywhere, 360 degrees!

You can do the painting yourself, it is so easy. To create the smart wall paint you simply mix part A and part B and paint it on. It only takes 1 coat and Within minutes you have created a large whiteboard surface. Smart Wall Paint is touch dry in 6 hours so you can use the wall after that. Fast, right?!

The Smart Paint Wall can be used anywhere, from your home, in your office or in the school. The possibilities are endless. And the ideas will be overflowing once everything is set up.

Check out this link to see How whiteboard paint works.

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