Good Riddance Typhoon Bopha

Good riddance indeed! I hate storms. They only bring destruction rather than do something good. The end of the year for 2012 and Typhoon Bopha had to make landfall in the Philippines.

I am thankful that it did not hit Cebu that hard since only the southern part got hit badly. But I can just imagine those who were hit bad. It is always never good. While it will be hard, I hope those affected can overcome whatever happened to their properties.

I have never had experienced being in a place where the storm’s eye would pass by. I am lucky and I definitely would never want to be in that position.

Even yesterday, the strong winds gave me quite some scare. I decided not to go to work just in case. I have to protect my wife whatever the cost.

While it only lasted a day in Cebu, I hope and pray that there will be no next destination for Bopha and it will disappear.

Enough is enough! The country is always hit hard by storms so can’t we be given a break?

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