Age And The Internet

Online activity has grown massively in the past few years across all age groups. However, the fact remains that different age groups show different online behaviors.

According to a study, the age group that indulges the most in online shopping/banking are those aged between 33 and 44 years. It also says that while women shoppers carry out their online activity in the afternoon between 12 – 1pm, men on the other hand make most purchases between 7 and 8 pm.

However, when it comes to more general shopping, it is the “mommies” who are in the forefront. Research shows that each year over 5 to 6 million moms went online, who mostly fall in the 30 – 40 age bracket. The number of housewives and stay at home moms shopping online is only growing each year.

Coming to the young adults who fall in the age group of 18-32 years 71% of them happen to buy things on the Internet. The online shopping  trend is very popular with the young crowd, particularly due to the Internet content getting more relevant and personalized by web firms such as the Phorm technology company.

Internet users in the old age group of 55-64 are also seen to be active in buying products online. About 72% of people in this age group regularly indulge in online shopping, which is in fact a big number and it shows how popular virtual shopping has become.

Internet users today are not only shopping online but doing many other things. For instance, email remains popular with 74% of the users in the 60+ age group, while it has lost a bit of its grip in the teens due to the advent of social media.

Online entertainment is on the rise too and is the hottest in the age bracket of 18-32. These people in the younger generation are most likely to use the Internet for watching videos, using virtual worlds and listening to music. They are also active when it comes to using Internet has a communication tool with the help of IM clients and social networking sites.

The teens on the other hand find online gaming to the most interesting activity. About 78% of teens in the age group of 12-17 years play games on the web, while 72% of them use email, making it second only to gaming.

This just goes on explain how the Internet is expanding and growing, becoming a strong source for everything – regardless of the age group.

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