Almost Christmas

Man … I have not even had the time to window shop for any gifts and it is now only a few more days till it will be Christmas.

The cold weather all the more makes me so lazy I barely want to go out even for work. Come December, it is also the month where my laziness kicks in.

I just do not know why. Could be the cold weather. Or could be that I just want the Holiday week to come so I could lie in bed all week long and play whatever new game I have in my smart phone.

This will also be the first time where I will not be able to go to my hometown and spend New Years with my family. Depending on the outcome of next month, my wife may have to be bedridden for quite some time so I will have to be by her side most of the time.

I will be going home for my dad’s birthday next month though then I’ll be staying put here for Christmas and New Year. I miss my family and my grandmother but it cannot be helped.

Perhaps when our house will be done, then Christmas or New Year will not be an issue since they can come over here instead.

For now, it will be a lonely time for me away from my family.

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