South Coast Recovery. It’s All About Living

SouthCoast provides a residential primary treatment program in Dana Point, South Orange County, California. Patients who plan to go into rehab to treat their problem should check them out to begin with.

While I have to admit that when a patient goes into rehab, the major factor in getting well is if the patient is willing to change for the better. However, in order to effectively be treated, the patient has to be handled by experienced staff who knows how to handle patients who have problems dealing with alcohol and/or drugs.

Here are a few things to expect when a patient checks into their treatment facility.

  • A State licensed highly structured program with a world class staff
  • 30, 60 and 90 day residential programs
  • Many clients that stay longer than the initial 90 day program can go through counseling, job training, credit repair, relationship counseling and a host of other strategies on living life sober, happy and healthy
  • A 12 Step oriented program with christian track available
  • Components of the treatment program include Relapse Prevention, Anger Management, Goal Setting, Values Clarification, Skills Development, Self-Esteem, Life Planning Skills, Relationships, Group Process, 12 Step Study Groups and more
  • The unique program teaches the keys to living a happy, sober lifetime; not just how to get sober in the short run
  • The facility is walking distance to stores, bus routes, churches, 12 step meetings and employment opportunities
  • Additional activities available in the community include: swimming, surfing, sailing, deep sea fishing, weight training, kayaking, and biking.

One of the factors that I believe a patient can be treated is if his mind is occupied with activities to help him/her avoid thinking about past addictions.

I believe South Coast Recovery’s program can do just that and help patients on the way to their Morningside Recovery.

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