The Cyber Crime Law In The Philippines

The hot topic in the Philippines now is the cyber crime law that recently took effect a few days ago. So many users complained and protested, in turn forcing some politicians to agree to amending parts of it.

While I had no desire to write about this topic in my blog, it reached a point where I was surprised the president himself approved the law, hence this post

The cybercrime law has its purpose. Of course, there needs to be a law for people trying to commit fraud, identity theft, hacks and other illegal activities. But what people are pissed off now is one of the things included in the law.

The issue of libel.

Funny thing is that one who gets accused of online libel can actually get more jail time than a libel not done in cyberspace.

I fear the country’s darkest days ahead. Sure, the palace assured the public that users won’t be charged with online libel even with sharing or liking something in Facebook. But do all the people see what really constitutes an online libel from the politicians’ perspectives? It is quite different.

No matter how much they assure that this law will not be abused, users will shut up just to be on the safe side.

The president has done so many good things for this country alright. But he, and like all those other politicians who are on the side of this law will get no votes from me on succeeding elections.

I thought there was hope for this country. But now, I only see quieter days ahead. The timeline streams will be awfully quiet on topics about rich and powerful people. They are after all the only ones who can afford to go on the offensive and defensive while ordinary citizens are left mum to themselves to avoid getting caught in an online libel situation.

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