Month: September 2012

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A Good Time At The Beach While It Lasted

It was a good two day weekend last week. Even though I only had enough sleep, it sucks that I am back to reality now.

Here I am again grumbling about the lack of sleep I get every single day. Our unbred neighbors are getting bolder and bolder.

Apart from the loud voices that they cannot seem to control, their radio and TV are also turned on loud slowly but surely. If they do not hear us berating them or something, that volume will only get louder.

I miss the beach resort. The pool. The swimming. It was good exercise too while breathing in the sea breeze.

I guess my wife was right after all needing the time off. I will miss that. I may probably get to experience one again next year ha ha.

After a 2 night rest, it will be a year long suffering of no sleep for me. tush tush.

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American Reunion (2012)

I have to admit, I was surprised that this was a good movie. My only true purpose was to see if there were any soft core scenes but later on found to have enjoyed the goofiness of Stifler and Jim.

Actually, since this movie was about their gathering from so many years of not being able to see each other, the movie kind of rushed some scenes of the others to the point that they barely did not make much of a scene after that.

The highlight of this movie is the character Kara played by Ali Cobrin. She appeared all mighty curvaceous for an 18 year old (but she is really 22 years old in real life so the boob size was suspect). I was expecting Shannon Elizabeth to make another scene but Ali stole the show.

Overall, I could say this movie was really about Jim and Stifler. Stifler really made this movie so funny that without him, I think it would not have been so funny. I even laughed hard during the last part of the movie when he got to screw Finch’s mom, an exact Revenge over what Finch did to Stifler’s mom way back in the first movie.

Speaking of Stifler’s mom, she’s now hooked with Jim’s dad.

There really is no plot in this movie. Just some gatherings of the American Pie characters and doing goofy stunts that made the first movie a hit.

This movie was not bad. You should definitely watch this.

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