Month: August 2012

Ber 2012

Well, it is the month of Ber has finally started. The countdown to December is officially on. We all know what that means for grownups. Start buying on sale things to save up on costs to give your god children. For kids, it also means eagerness and excitement to receive gifts once the holiday season […]

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Get A Free Minecraft Account

Minecraft may not look like much considering the pixelated graphics might turn off some gamers who prefer amazing visuals over addicting game play.

However, this game is a very hot commodity among gamers, even those non hard-core.

This sandbox building independent video game was originally created by a Swedish programmer named Markus Persson. Back then, it was not much. But once it picked up, he had his own company backing him up in developing this game.

While there is a free mode to this game, the game play in its commercial release has two principal modes, survival and creativity. That does not mean one cannot get access to some Minecraft free accounts.

Click this link here to get a free minecraft account and enjoy the hours of game play at your disposal using only your wits and creativity to boot.

If you still have no idea how Minecraft really works nor have you tried it yet, check out this video here to get you started.

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Wrath Of The Titans (2012)

Contrary to what many had said, this movie is actually good. I do not know why some of them said it was boring. I guess maybe the time in Tartarus was a bit too much. But considering that the plot of the movie is to save Zeus in Tartarus so that his father Chronus would not be free, it could not be helped.

Perseus braves the treacherous underworld to rescue his father Zeus, who is captured by his son Ares, The God of War and brother Hades, the God of the Underworld who plan to free Zeus’ father upon the world.

The sad thing about this movie is that the title is misleading. Titans is plural but viewers only get to see only 1 Titan. I also thought the Gods are immortal so why did Gods Zeus, Ares and Poseidon die?

The movie starts off with some action packed scenes in no time starting with that 2 headed beast. It was good to see Pegasus again and Zeus and Hades fight with their powers although it was portrayed lamely.

However, overall this movie is way totally better than Immortals and better than the first movie. Sequels rarely get to be successful unless the movies’ stories came from books.

I also like sequels for the fact that viewers do not have to bear watching some intro scenes that are sometimes prolonged by directors just to lengthen the overall time of the movie.

Wrath of the Titans is one of the good movies shown this year.

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