Month: July 2012

The Tao Of Badass Review

I think men who simply lack self esteem but still want to hit it big with the hot chicks can get some good guidance from a book titled The Tao of Badass. While it is a fact that attracting, dating and keeping women are all skills that a man will learn over time, they simply […]

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My First Zumba Experience

It was a bad one. My legs and calves went stiff plus whenever I jump or sway my hips I felt like my balls were about to get off.

Those Zumba instructors should have allocated time to let us be familiar with the dance steps. They show you the set only 1 time and then it’s on to dancing fast. I would say it really ain’t for men. Plus it was quite awkward trying to sway my hips left and right.

The instructors should have thought that not everybody who joined at seasoned Zumba participants. Hence overall, while I did sweat a bit I did not sweat too much at all. Considering that my legs went stiff after some time from following their footsteps at a fast pace, I got bored with it.

I did manage to force myself to finish 2 hours worth so at least I did get to burn some fat. Still, I think I would be better off playing basketball since I would sweat 20x more and it is not an exaggeration.

I am not sure if I will join next week’s Zumba. Maybe. Maybe not. Probably if there are many male friends of mine who will join since there were only 2 males in our group who did and most of the participants there were female. Otherwise, I might just watch my wife dancing along the sidelines.

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It Had Been One Hell Of A Week

And I mean that literally. Noise is my number 1 enemy. My hearing is sensitive to sound. I want total silence in order to get sleep. Okay, so maybe I exaggerated that a bit but still, you cannot call a boombox with its broken down bass music playing in the background as something that can make you sleep, right?

The neighborhood I live in is just messed up. So many people living there have no breeding. I say this because they have no respect to other people living in the area. Because they can sleep with all the noise out there, they don’t mind making noise themselves making it uncomfortable to others who need to rest.

If you complain, you become the enemy. Who knows, maybe those uneducated goons may even tell you to go live in a subdivision instead. That is what I plan to do though but as of now, I have to bear the suffering since I do not have enough money yet.

Last night I slept at around 3am because those jackasses blabbered their mouths till that time I could not get a good sleep. Then this morning I woke up at 7am because the neighbor beside us played his broken down boombox for the whole neighborhood to hear.

Isn’t that just annoying?! This is the problem in the Philippines. There should be a law to arrest these nincompoops if they as so much annoy neighbors because of loud music and loud mouths. People do not need to hear what they are listening to. These people are attention seekers.

This is why I just love to have the power of teleportation so I can teleport these assholes to any remote island in the Babuyan Islands area. Then again, I can only dream.

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