Month: June 2012

Run United 2011 Fun Run

Starting now, I will blog about the fun run marathons that I joined and will join so I can keep track on how much time I ran. This has been idling in my inbox for so long, the link where the number of minutes my wife and I ran for the 5k division. The Run […]

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Good Sleep At Last

After so many days of lacking sleep, I finally had the deserved sleep that I was waiting for. Good thing the bigfoots were not around last night. They probably went home to their hometown.

I call them bigfoots because they have no breeding, stomping their feet when they walk across the corridor, slamming the doors without turning the knob when they close or open it and just plain shout when they talk.

This is no exaggeration. They cannot even keep their voices down to a minimum. Plus that annoying airbed of theirs really gets on my nevers whenever they put in some air.

That’s not all. This is why I do not like male boarders staying beside my room. There is a big chance they snore. And boy, does this bozo snore big time.

Well … it won’t be long. They will be banished if they still think they are kings of the place. I just cannot figure out why considering they went to some good schools, they cannot comprehend these simple etiquettes and respect others knowing that they are not the only ones living in the house.

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Freaking Super Rain

While I hate the heat and welcome a little rain, too much rain is just not worth it. And there is not even a storm in the country.

I am supposed to go to an interview an hour from now but then this asshole of a rain just dropped so much water on us that I am stuck at home for good.

The interview will have to be postponed because even a phone interview won’t do considering the materials of the place I live in, I can even barely hear anything watching a movie in my laptop.

It’s all rain rain rain. So frustrating.

And it has not even let up until now. I hope there won’t be any flood like what happened last year I think when the rainfall was just short but boy, did it drop a lot of water.

My shoes were soaked and damaged so f*ck you rain, I had to buy a new pair of shoes because of this abnormal creation of nature.

It’s still June, the start of the rainy season. Here’s hoping it won’t get worse.

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