No More Foursquare Check-In Spamming For Me

It did not take long but I decided to call it quits with regards to check-in spamming in FourSquare. That is just my term. I do not know if there is a technical term for that but I will use it for my post.

Foursquare is fun. It lets you know where your connected friends are in this world. Problem is, some people just plain check in to places that they are not even in, say just passing by. I mean, come on … checking in a bridge?

Probably to increase points.

As the saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, join them”. That I did. It took probably 3 months all in all that I checked in to places even when I was not really there. You know … just passing by.

Then last night I felt that I have grown weary doing it just for the sake of earning so many points for every check-in.

So I decided to put a stop to my check-in spamming activities and only do it when I am really in that place. Foursquare is fun. But really … checking in to a place that you just happen to pass by?

Although that is the user’s decision and not mine, I have decided to stop that practice and just check-in when I am really in that certain place.

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