Register Your Company In Singapore Now

Okay, I am actually talking about the plight of Android developers and/or companies who want to sell their apps and get paid but cannot do so because Google does not include their countries in the list of accepted countries.

The only way for this to happen is if you set up and register company in Singapore. Then again, you do not know the laws and requirements needed to set up a company there. Enter Startupr.

They can help you set up your very own company in order for your Android apps to be sold as paid apps. You do not have to be familiar and aware of the paperwork and requirements needed in your country of choice. You just set your preferences, business rules, requirements and they handle the legal process.

Sounds expensive? Well, in a way but not with them. They actually offer a competitive pricing rate that is affordable compared to other firms that do these sort of things.

So you might ask yourself considering they offer cheap pricing on their services, are they legit? Indeed! They are operated by the Internationally acclaimed company, Inc (Nevada Corporation). You should check them out.

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