Month: April 2012

What A Tiring Weekend!

Man … more than 2 days, I can finally breath a sigh of relief. I had been stuck managing my WordPress blogs because they all got hit by malware. I was not sure if they all were but the Sucuri plugin did indicate it only to seemingly conclude that their scanner is a bust. Yes, […]

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What A Vacation!

I can say that the last 3 days I had experience the rich’s lifestyle. 2 night accommodation from a plush resort, then a 1 night stay from one of Marco Polo’s hotels. It was a blast. Although the Crimson Hotel is not a good place to stay if there are more than 2 of you because the room’s just fit for 2 only.

Marco Polo though, is a different story. They have 2 big beds so we were very much comfortable. Still, going to any of these hotels and resorts are expensive so it was a blast simply because these were all free. My mom won it from a contest, 2nd prize. Not bad, right?

One thing has not changed though. There were so many Koreans. I think they are just everywhere ha ha. As with all things, they all come to an end and I am now back to reality.

It will be a week long busy schedule ahead for me blogging about all the food and places that I went to. I have to do it now while the memory is still fresh from my mind.

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Expedia Coupons

The Internet certainly has made it easy for simple people like me to take advantage of online coupons and use them so I would be able to buy things at a discount.

While the savings is not that big, use many of them and all in all you may end up saving quite a lot. Back then when we used to depend mainly on newspapers and magazines to look for coupons, these days one can easily get a ton of them in online sites that specializes in providing free online coupons from various online merchants.

Expedia coupons certainly help me a great deal because I tend to travel quite a lot and no matter how small or big the savings can be, I will take them. This certain online portal has a ton of coupon codes that come in handy because I can use them to lessen my total charges overall.

Plus these coupons are updated daily so they are always new and all outdated ones will be purged. The Expedia coupon code 2012 is simply my financial savior for my travel needs. This coupon portal also features other online merchants like You should check out the site to look for coupons that match the merchant you are looking for.

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