Month: March 2012

Did STC Do The Right Thing Banning The Students From Graduating?

I think this issue is getting out of hand. Heard the news lately? About some girl getting banned by her school from participating the graduation rites because she posted a photo of herself in a bikini in Facebook? That the action is not accepted in STC Cebu’s handbook. I thought STC let the issue die […]

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Spike Lee’s Zimmerman Tweet

Wow! Spike Lee. A famous celebrity in the U.S. So called concerned on the Zimmerman case the he tweeted Zimmerman’s address to his millions of Twitter followers then realizing the address was a mistake.

How irresponsible of a jackass is this guy?! Turns out the Zimmerman living in that area is not the Zimmerman who is in the hot seat today because of the shooting of an unarmed black kid.

Knowing his celebrity status, he should have checked the information for verification before blasting it off to his Twitter followers. People can be impulsive at times and who knows if the wrong Zimmerman may have been hurt or killed because of the reckless action this douchebag just did.

So let us say Spike Lee did tweet the right address of Zimmerman? It is still wrong. It is like he wants something bad to happen to the real Zimmerman. He should just let the law do its job rather than start something else to make it even worse.

I do not like Spike Lee. I think he is an attention seeker. Yes, he is a celebrity but he should think before using those impulsive fingers to send a message that could have proved devastating.

I pity those elderly couple who live in that address. A settlement? Wow! I would like to know how much. Knowing they are already old, they could ask Spike to pay them big time considering the stress this numbskull celebrity gave to them.

And with what Spike Lee just did? I dislike him even more.

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Do UltraSound Apps Work Against Pests & Animals?

I will tell you right away that none of these work. Even reading its description, one can tell something is not right. But for the sake of trying, I had to because there were so many annoying noises above my room’s ceiling since last week.

At first, I thought the scratching may had been rats. So I downloaded apps that emit sound to drive them away. Even the description says that humans cannot hear it. Weird. I could hear it perfectly and it seems that the apps tend to drive humans away instead of pests and domestic animals like dogs and cats.

The sound is so annoying that eventually I had to turn it off. So we found out it was cats that are roving above the ceiling. I could barely get enough sleep. While using a pellet gun is out of the question as that would spark outrage from animal rights activists if I did and shared my story here, good thing my father in law was able to capture one of the newborn kittens.

But man, do not waste your time buying smart phone apps that says the app’s sound emitting will drive them away. No way. I think that it could drive away people instead rather than pests and animals.

I tried it mosquito mode, rat mode, dog mode and cat mode. No results. So screw these apps.

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