Month: January 2012

Friends With Benefits (2011)

This is just a bad movie. The whole time I just watched the lives of Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis happening as friends with benefits. Plus, Justin’s voice still has not changed so it was quite irritating. Also, they talk too fast like they were in some kind of rush to finish the movie early. […]

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Pimp My Cube Is At It Again

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Contest Factory for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


People tend to treat their cubicle as if it is their own room, even going to great lengths to decorate to make their workplace look even better.
However, there are some people who do not care how their cubicle area looks like. You think your workplace looks bad but there are others even worse than yours.
Here is the good news. Pimp My Cube is searching for the worst, most pathetic and messy cubicle or office that may have bad furniture, old technology, messy, unorganized, noisy, dirty, dark and/or any attributes that make it a bad space to work in.
The prize? The winning cubicle will be pimped with either one of three prize packages: a high end computer system; new desk, chair and decorations; new entertainment package with high end stereo, espresso machine and many others.
Joining is pretty easy. Just upload a video showing your workplace and explain why it is horrible and why it is so important that the Contest Factory come in and pimp your cube. The video should be fun and witty. In short, anything goes! The better the story and the funnier the video mean the better chances of winning.
Register now and join the Pimp My Cube Contest! Who knows, your cubicle just might be the next workplace getting pimped ;).

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Natural Rx-Free Inflammation Relief

Nopalea, pronounced No-pah lay’uh is a tasty wellness drink sourced from the fruit of the Nopal cactus. Its healing properties of the Nopal cactus have been relied on for centuries by the natives and they are now available in Nopalea.

You need to know that each 32 ounce bottle of Nopalea brims with the health benefits of the Nopal fruit and with it comes its benefits for relief from inflammation, cleansing of daily toxins and assurance of optimal health.

Every day we absorb toxins that in time can be detrimental to our health. Nopalea contains rare and potent antioxidants that are scientifically proven to help the body reduce inflammation.

Inflammation is a leading cause of pain. Taking medicines is unhealthy because they are … well, medicines. Taking a natural approach is always the best solution. This anti-inflammatory wellness drink is a good healthy “medicine” to combat inflammation.

You can try Nopalea for free by calling 1-800-203-7063. You have to pay for shipping though but not to worry, you only need to pay $9.95 for shipping purposes. The people behind Nopalea is Trivita , who strives to help people everywhere achieve greater wellness and create wealth for their life purposes.

A healthy life is after all a wealthy life, don’t you think?

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