Sugar Awareness Month

At first, I wondered if there is no sugar awareness month or anything related to it because I would like to declare December as Sugar Awareness Month. Maybe in other countries there is but here? I have never heard anybody celebrating it.

So why December? Apart from being the famous month to be jolly, it is also the time when people’s sugar level are at their highest. You know … buffets, buffets and more buffets! Parties, parties and more parties!

Last night, my wife, a friend and I kicked off the December sugar burst with a buffet at the Waterfront Hotel’s Cafe Uno restaurant. Tomorrow, another buffet awaits us as my wife and I are going to attend her friend’s wedding. Then come Saturday, our company’s Christmas party will take place.

And that is not the end of it. Next week is going to be another round of buffet treats celebrating the upcoming Christmas season.

If any country is celebrating it in any other month other than December, they should change the month. December is a month of sugary proportions! ;)

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