Month: December 2011

Good Riddance 2011!

2011 is by far the worst year that I experienced. And the year has not even ended yet. So many calamities, so many disasters all around the world. I just hate this year. The La Nina phenomenon really thrashed the world. In my hometown city in the Philippines, it recently got ravaged by storm Sendong. […]

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Opportunists And The People Affected By Storm Sendong

It is already a familiar fact that when disasters happen, any donations sent through government agencies is not guaranteed that those relief goods, things or anything else are intact once they are given to the affected people.

People around the world should know by now about how Sendong ripped through the southern part of the Philippines affecting families without homes and leaving scores dead. My wife and I decided to help out once we go home for the new year and we made certain that we shipped our relief goods to my hometown rather than leave it to some agency or NGO.

We do not like to plaster our names or announce who we are to help those affected. That is not the real essence of helping. It is more of a marketing campaign that these people do. In short, their help is not genuine.

When we will start delivering the goods to the people, we will ensure that we will give it to them by hand. If we left it to the people in charge from barangays and other government agencies, only the bad quality things are left for those who need them the most.


I just talked to my aunt a few minutes ago and what I heard from her was very disgusting. There she was in the Philippine Port Authority area in Cagayan de Oro to check up on her shipment of relief goods from her cousin.

Funny thing happened. Nobody was there to entertain her. People literally were busy scouring through shipments of things like used clothing so they could have some for themselves. She even heard one of the staff tell the others to even call the security guards so they could get some for themselves. How sick was that?!

I told her she should have captured it on camera so this expose will be shown to the world how despicable their actions were. Sadly, my aunt owns an old fashioned phone without a camera so there was no evidence to capture.

This is why we purposely shipped our donations to my hometown addressed to my brother so that we will personally hand food and clothing to the people in need. Not to those opportunists.

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Pacquiao Gets Flak For Buying P25-M Yacht

For real?!?!? Leave him be people! It is his money in the first place. Just because he bought that yacht does not mean that those people who were recently affected by storm Sendong did not receive any help from him.

I am sure he already ordered his people to send assistance and help.

I was really pissed after I read an article in ABS-CBN’s news site where people complained that he should have donated the money he used to buy the yacht to the people of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan cities. I never post comments in news sites but that article was the last straw. I had to help defend Pacquiao.

Did Pacquiao even ask the media to take photos of his yacht? Was his intention to flaunt and sensationalize it? Either way, that is his life, so leave him be!

Such narrow mindedness.

And really. Kudos to commenters who gave comments that those who complained should either put up or shut up. That instead of bashing Pacquiao, they help the people affected by storm Sendong.

Kudos to Manny Pacquiao. I know he already sent help and will still send more. He has more money even after buying that yacht so leave him be.

And those negative comments that people made regarding this issue, get a life. Instead of bashing other people when you do not even know the whole story, why don’t you make yourself useful and help donate for the people in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan cities.

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