Month: April 2011

Addiction Treatment Providers

There are many treatment addiction centers plastered all over the nation. That is a known fact. If you are a would be patient or want someone to get treated, your question might be “which one?”, a very common dilemna amongst people. Knowing addiction is a serious condition, you need a very good drug rehabilitation center […]

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Dating Friend

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of datingfriend for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I asked my friend one time why he registered with a new dating site called Dating Friend when there are already others out there. He only gave me one answer. Different users.

He gave a good point. I doubt that all users have accounts on all dating sites. If one wants to really much different people, then joining different sites give the best chance of meeting a match.

Dating Friend is free by the way which is a very attractive factor since putting in a subscription fee would definitely scare most users away. I would not join this if I had to pay for it.

This site of dating services has a handful of features that are very easy to use, self explanatory actually. Whether you are technically inclined or not, you won’t have a problem using them and navigating around pages chatting and communicating with other users.

Keeping it simple is the best way to attract and retain users to use the service all the time and I must say Dating Friend is a fun site to use.

With all the different members in their community and those photos in their profiles, it can definitely compete against other online dating sites to begin with.

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Holy Week 2011 Recap

Just arrived today in Cebu and I must say, the time I had in my hometown was both tiring, fun and weird. First things first. The fun. My wife and I already planned to do a little zipline in my friend’s newly opened adventure park.

It was a good 5 courser though the zorb was inactive because the balls got torn and it had to be fixed so we were stuck with only the zipline. I also wanted to take photos of their aviary but it seems development has not started.

Guess I will have to have a return trip probably next year once the place is fully developed. Really … so many things to look forward to when I go back. Plus, that ultra light aircraft experience? Oh man! That was exhilarating! It was worth the experience and I must say, the price was fair.

Tiring because my wife and I decided to join my family jogging in the morning and we kept waking up early in the morning which translated to less sleep for me.

Weird because the weather was windy then all of a sudden humid. The electric fan and airconditioner was a must during my time there. I thought it was hotter in Cagayan de Oro than in Cebu but it seemed it was the same for both.

My wife is currently out till later tonight because she has an upcoming show tomorrow. I had to go home early and rest because I suddenly felt weak. It was a good Holy Week for me. Played mahjong with my grandmother for 4 nights straight, spent time with the Lord and my family and siblings, went out and luckily saw some classmates back in college.

Fruitful … weird … fun … tiring … and worth it.

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