Month: March 2011

Life’s Like That

The past week had been stressful to me. So many personal problems and so cramped up with work. It was a good thing that this week I had done most of my modules that I can relax and not be pressured so much. It helped that because of a personal problem I had, I did […]

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Fringe Will Have A 4th Season

Great news Fringe fans (me included!): The drama has been picked up for a fourth season. The cat was let out of the bag this afternoon when J.H. Wyman, an executive producer on the Fox drama who tweeted this to fans that the show was picked up.

InsideTV reports that word of the pickup comes after the drama fell to its lowest rating ever last Friday. It dropped 13% to 3.8 million viewers and a 1.3 rating in the adult demo. In defense, ratings had been falling all week because of the time change (more daylight in the early evening tends to result in fewer people watching TV). And CBS was airing college basketball.

Critical praise for the drama has never been stronger and its performance on Fridays is still better than how the network was doing on the night in the fall. In fact, Fox reports that Fringe is the No. 1 show on the night this season (across both broadcast and cable) and that the drama has improved the network’s average on the night by 38%.

Not that I care about ratings anyway. The show is pretty good.

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Hello Sky!

It has been some time since I have seen the sky. The clouds have been murky since and it still actually happens till now. But to see a little sky even for a short time is a welcome sight to me.

What with the devastation in Japan, the war in Libya and turmoil in other Arab countries, I was happy to see the sky and the clear clouds for once rather than the annoying nimbus raining clouds.

It is almost the end of March and there does not seem to be stopping La NiƱa still. The weather bureau said this will keep up till May. That is bad news actually since June is the start of the rainy season in this country so the storms will just keep on coming.

While the heat can be an annoying thing, I do not mind seeing those nimbus clouds as long as they don’t spurt out rain. The possibility of floods is what I hate most. So for now … hello sky! I have missed you!

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