Month: February 2011

The Razzie Awards: The Last Airbender

The night before the Academy Awards presents Oscars to the best achievement in films, the 31st annual Razzie Awards celebrated the “Berry Worst Achievement in Film” for 2010 The big winner went to M. Night Shyamalan’s critically skewered 3-D fantasy film, “The Last Airbender”. The film took home Razzies for worst picture, worst director, worst […]

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Scratch The Crabmeat

This month I had been avoiding crabmeat after I got my annual physical exam results showing my cholesterol level hovering at around 180. While that is still in the normal level I am pretty sure my previous result was not that high. I am pointing the culprit on crabmeat considering I eat it almost every lunch the moment I see it in our cafeteria.

Just to be on the safe side, I am going to avoid that and see next year if my cholesterol level will go down. Nobody wants to have high cholesterol levels. Not unless that someone wants to die early. I do not want to risk any health complications.

Next week, I may be will be on an oatmeal rampage to help lower my bad cholesterol. Wish me luck. I may also consider that as my diet since oatmeal already contains carbohydrates and calories.

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A Whirlwind Slew Of NBA Trades

This year has seen some expected and unexpected trades happen in the NBA. Carmelo Anthony ended up with New York, no surprise there. I guess the most surprising of them all was Kendrick Perkins trade to Oklahoma considering the thin frontcourt that the Boston Celtics already have. Shaq is out. Jermaine is out. Take Perkins out of the picture and you get only Garnett and Davis as the big bodied men remaining.

Oh well, not a problem. And does it matter? Hmmm. I do not like Perkins. Too big headed. He was lucky he was one of the few unwanted players not traded by Boston for the Big Three trades which resulted in them winning a championship that year.

Baron Davis to Cleveland was surprising too and I still am waiting for my favorite team, the Lakers to make a move even if Mitch Kuptchak says they do not plan to do any trades. You never can see at the last minute what will happen and what options may arise. Anything can happen before the trade deadline ends.

Aside from the current trades like Deron Williams to the Nets, expect more surprising moves by teams looking to solidify their lineups in time for the playoffs.

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