Month: January 2011

Of All The Nights Not To Rain …

So of all the nights not to rain, it had to be last night. When I hoped that it would rain. Er … must rain actually. Last night was the feast in our community where I live. I wanted it to rain due to the fact that they hold street discos and it does not […]

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American Precious Metal Exchange

APMEX or the American Precious Metal Exchange as it has come to be known is one of the nation’s largest and most active precious metal dealers like silver, gold and others. Since this is your money we are talking about, naturally you would be hesitant at first and look for some background check to ensure that APMEX is legitimate.

For one thing, they are Better Business Bureau accredited so that bolsters their credibility skyhigh. They have also been featured in well known and reputable sites like CNN, MSNBC, Coin Values, Coin World, Numismatic News, Google and Yahoo!

And you might ask yourself: why them? Why not others? For one thing, you will consistently find their prices among the lowest in the industry which means you can profit more if you sell your stuffs to them considering the low price offer.

If you want to buy from them, you will find a large variety of gold and silver either in coins, bullions, gold bar and rounds. There are also platinum and palladium so the selection is pretty endless. The website is open any time of the day which means you can do transactions with them in the comfort of your home. Plus the site uses well known security technologies to ensure your shopping experience is a safe one.

Heck, they even have clearance sales. I was surprised when I saw that and it is definitely advantageous for buyers. APMEX is a good place to start for people wanting to buy or sell for gold maple leaf, silver and other metals.

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Holy Pwet! I Won $200!

Well, not through a contest. It was a reward for being one of the top 3 posts that I wrote. I was very, very much surprised upon learning about it because I never expected to be one of the top 3 in the first place. What with the stiff competition among bloggers and the hundreds of posts that were submitted.

There is a sense of pride of course. At the same time, it encourages and inspires me more to do what I enjoy doing nowadays: blogging. There used to be rewards by SocialSpark before and the last opportunity I saw was around 2 years ago when I first started using it where the rewards amounted to 20, 25 or $50.

But there are other sites that reward bloggers with very good posts and this one was huge. I look forward to writing my best and continuing to publish well written articles in my blog not just for my own enjoyment but for the visitors and readers who visit my blog site.

So I savored this moment by treating my wife to a buffet dinner at Gustavian a few hours ago. Man, are we stuffed! 😉

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