Month: December 2010

Good Deed? Fake!

It is this time of year where donations abound. The goodwill of men and women reaches out to the poor and unfortunate. While their actions are seen as good deeds, are they really? I am not doubting their intention to share. I am doubting their sincereness on it.¬†Why do some people, those who are high […]

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Open Season 3 (2010)

Open Season 3 is a 2010 direct-to-video sequel to the 2008 computer animated film Open Season 2, and the 2006 computer animated film Open Season.

Boog the bear plans an annual guys trip to spend time with his male friends. But Elliot the deer has distanced himself from him since Elliot had started a family with his very own children. Boog is disappointed since everyone else wanted to spend time with their families which makes Boog go on a trip of his own, which leads him to a Russian traveling circus.

While in the circus, Boog meets Doug and Doug convinces Boog to switch his life in the forest for Doug’s place at the circus, which Boog later accepts the offer. But the whole thing turns out a scam since all Doug wanted to do was escape. When Boog’s pals find out about Boog’s disappearance, they (as well as Fifi and the other pets must put aside their differences) hatch a rescue mission to save Boog and the female bear that he met at the circus Ursa.

The movie is kind of boring. At first I really had no idea what the plot was all about. I had to check out IMDB to read the summary so I would know what the movie’s story is. Nothing beats the original as usual. I guess Open Season 2 was okay, but the 3rd installment is not so good. Kids may still love this though, since all they care is good visual animation.

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Christmas Melee

Christmas is just a few hours away and look at what happened in our neighborhood, two drunk people fighting. I heard one was taken to the precinct. Man, talk about Christmas spirit. This is why they never learn. That guy will be released in no time. He should be jailed for life. That way, people will be disciplined.

This is why people in squatter areas are prone to fighting especially when they are drunk. Because they know if the tanods or cops will take them, it is just for a few hours only. Such useless rules. I would heavily support a law that will jail them for life. People never learn their lesson because the laws here are not harsh.

And as such, you’d be afraid to go out because some other drunk people might blow their tops off for no reason and you might accidentally get involved in between. Hoo boy! Those two jackass just destroyed their family’s Christmas.

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