Month: November 2010

Young Justice (2010)

Yes! Finally a new cartoon action tv-series which is based on the comic series of the same name, Young Justice. It follows the adventures of the teenage superhero sidekicks Aqualad (the team leader, approximately age 15 or 16), Robin (age 13), Kid Flash (age 15), Superboy (age 16 weeks), Miss Martian (age 16 in Martian […]

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Do It Yourself Trips

I often times am scared when I go on trips abroad where it is new territory and I absolutely have no idea with regards to the places we plan to go to. Recently, we went to Hongkong and I had to research every detail as I could so we would not get lost while we were there. Luckily, a friend of mine went there a few months ahead of me and she gave us her itinerary which was a big help because it contained directions on what to do and where to go to reach our destinations.

And I have to say, if it were not for the trains, reaching to any tourist hotspot could have been hard. For one thing, riding on a bus can take time unlike if you take the train. The trip’s pretty short from one station to the next. This saves tourists ample time to maximize every minute they have with their vacation. This is the biggest advantage that tourists now have compared to years ago. So thank you technology.

I usually have a lot of negativity in mind when it comes to planning and all. You know, getting lost or whatever but once you are there, the fear and anxiety goes away and you end up enjoying your trip instead. Remember, if all else fails … you can always get taxi ;).

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Quiet Weekend

This week is a long weekend for us as the Tuesday holiday was moved to Monday. A very good sign for all of us ;). Yet, the blogging world has been quiet because it was Thanksgiving the other day in the U.S. and yesterday was Black Friday which was another holiday for them.

All sponsored post sites had been quiet as I am sure they all took off for this holiday. There are only a few holidays in the U.S. I was also busy with work yesterday and I never got to finish it so I tried to look for a solution even when I got home, to no avail. Even today I had no luck so I decided to just screw it and wait till work day comes.

I will just have to enjoy this long weekend so that I would not be too stressed out once I get back to work. Whew! I guess for today I will have to catch up on Iron Man and One Piece anime.

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